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What we do
(and love doing)

We install, service, and repair electrical systems for commercial, industrial, and residential customers in greater Ashland, Wisconsin.

We’re happy to tackle any project of any size, from cottages to commercial buildings! You know we’re good because most of our business comes through referrals.

How it started
Husband and wife team Tony and Sara Brown have pushed this company to expand since they acquired Five Star Electric in 2011. From then, Five Star Electric has become the regional Chequamegon Bay leader in electrical services. The pair enjoys spending time with family and teaching them how to run all aspects of the business.

When Two Paths Meet

“If you want it, you’ve got to work for it” was the motto that Tony Brown’s father and grandfather. Brown, the owner of Five Star Electric, said he’s carried this lesson with him since childhood. Working with his hands whenever he could, Tony was ready for a career in the trades after graduating high school.

Just as Tony was getting started in life, Five Star Electric was founded in 2002 to fill greater Ashland, Wisconsin’s need for world-class electrical services. Originally started as a construction contractor, Five Star branched out into commercial installs, service, and repair, allowing the company to tackle projects of nearly any type and size.

Tony and his wife Sara were so impressed with Five Star Electric’s early moves and spectacular service they purchased the company in 2011.

How we work

1: We're prompt & prepared

We’ll come to your home or place of business on time, in a vehicle filled with hundreds of tools and parts. We have everything to solve over 90% of problems in a SINGLE visit.

2. We price fairly.

We’ll assess the situation and tell you the price as soon as the work is fully understood, which you’ll be excited about because as veterans our team can often do in a couple of hours what a less skilled squad would take days to do.​

3: Were honest.

We'll talk with you clearly and honestly about what's happening, ensuring we coordinate deadlines with other, related projects.

4: We're thorough.

We won’t leave the job until it's finished, the area is clean, and you're satisfied.

Built on repeat and referral business

Operating by the hardworking values instilled in Tony at an early age, the company’s been growing ever since. This has made it a trusted partner for commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

Five Star employs over ten team members today and is growing, a fact Tony is mighty proud of. “It’s not just my kids I have to be concerned with, I have to keep their kids and families constantly in mind,” he says. “We are especially proud of the family-type workspace we’ve created at Five Star Electric.”

A whopping 60% of Five Star's business comes from returning customers. The majority of the other 40% has come through referrals.

This is what happens when mastery meets execution.

Want proof?
We guarantee 100% satisfaction.
We're here to serve.

Giving Back & Growing

We take pride in making sure greater Ashland, Wisconsin’s commercial, industrial and residential customers have the best electrical systems possible. No job is too big or small.

As a family-owned and locally operated company, Five Star Electric is proud to be an active member of the Ashland area community through charity involvement. Tony is a member of multiple boards that concentrate on trade development, youth, and veteran programs.

Tony and Sara have always encouraged their children to work hard and follow their bliss, with the occasional friendly reminder, “If you want it, you’ve got to work for it.” 

They are now so proud that their children, Karson and Carter, are passionately carrying on Five Star Electric’s legacy.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

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