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Family Owned, Locally Operated: Solving greater Ashland, Wisconsin’s Commercial, Industrial & Residential Electrical needs since 2002.
We handle everything from homes to hospitals!

Electrical Services

Let’s STOP Electrical Failures From Shutting Down Your Business or Home

  • Do you trust your electrical systems?
  • Do you know the last time they were checked?
  • Do you trust who installed them?

There are few things worse than an electrical disaster. If your power goes out in the dead of winter and no one can get to you, it can be life or business threatening. Or picture a smoking device and your system goes haywire…

Just imagine the embarrassment of having the championship game you’re hosting interrupted by total darkness, getting knocked back into the Stone Age, wandering around trying to find candles because your electrical system wasn’t installed and maintained properly…

An outage disaster like that could be enough to convince family and friends not to come to another football watch party at your house for years!

Or if you have a company, an electrical system shutdown can bring your company’s operations to a complete halt, cancelling your cash flow and affecting your ability to pay your employees and yourself: Can you afford that?

You want it done right the first time, measured twice and cut once.

That’s where Five Star Electric, family owned and locally operated comes in.

We’re battle-tested and licensed, equipped with the latest tools and technology, ready to handle commercial, industrial, & residential servicing & installations of ANY size, now.

And yes, we use the industry’s most trusted brands!

Thousands of satisfied commercial, industrial and residential customers later, we’ve earned the right to tell you we’re MASTER electrical technicians.

  • We’ve saved businesses with a power outage from oblivion in the thick of a production run.
  • We’ve stayed up all night so a business could open the next day.
  • We’ve cancelled weekends, holidays and birthdays to keep this great community’s electrical systems working.

We live here, every moment we spend makes our community better, to us that’s a bigger win than any money you could ever pay us.

NOTHING makes us happier than running into a customer at the market and getting that ‘we couldn’t have made it without you, thanks again!’ love.


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Markets Served

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

Common Work

  • New Installations
  • Remodels & Upgrades
  • Services & Service Calls
  • Routine Maintenance & Upkeep
  • Electrical System Malfunctions


  • Power Outage Repairs
  • Hit Line Repair — Buried Lines, Wall Lines
  • Control Panels — Repairs, Installations
  • Wiring & Systems — Repairs, Installations
  • Circuits — Repairs, Installations
  • Outlets — Repairs, Installations, Covers
  • USB Outlets
  • Light Fixtures — Repairs, Installations
  • Low Voltage Security Cameras — Repairs, Installations
  • Computer & Data Cabling
  • Security
  • Surge Protection
  • Solar Panels
  • Low Voltage
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Commercial & Industrial Automation
  • Advanced Testing
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors — Repairs, Installations
  • Exhaust Fans — Repairs, Installations


  • Kohler platinum dealer
  • Generac Generators — Installations, Servicing
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