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Family Owned, Locally Operated: Solving greater Ashland, Wisconsin’s Commercial, Industrial & Residential Electrical needs since 2002.
We handle everything from homes to hospitals!


Tired of dead-end jobs and no future? Welcome to your career.

Here’s what you can expect when you start your career at Five Star Electric:

  1. Great Pay β€” Make more than your buddy with all that college debt πŸ˜‰ . PLUS 401K.
  2. On-the-job Training β€” We train our team to train eachother
  3. Challenging but Rewarding β€” Work AND Think Hard
  4. Fun Co-Workers β€” We take lunch and fantasy football SERIOUSLY
  5. No Degree Needed β€” Just some tools, great attitude, and a willingness to learn!
  6. Health Insurance β€” Nothing more important than health. Period.
  7. Paid Vacation β€” Gotta relax, right!?
  8. Free Company Apparel β€” Swag for days
  9. Incentive Program β€” We all row in the same direction, everyone benefits
  10. Bottom-line: Tired of staring at a wall all day? Get off the sofa and get paid to play with power.

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